The Authentic Naked Dress

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Now you can "be the trailer and not the main attraction."

The original naked dress was too naked, so the had to alter it.

This was featured in Season 1 Episode 6 "Secret Sex."

The way I got on Sex and the City was word of mouth. Stylists would just show up to my studio and take pieces and use them. Years later, I met Sarah Jessica Parker because she wanted me to alter a dress that she had bought at Kirna Zabete and to meet me and have me do couture for her. I made couture dresses for her as a gift from the show while she was pregnant; 3 polymorphic dresses with little wrap jackets.

I once scared Chris Noth at Starbucks. I saw him reading a paper and I walked right up to him and said, "you're much better looking in person." He looked like he swallowed a whole orange. I turned and sat down on the opposite side of the store. Within five minutes he had fled.

This piece is from Carrie's first date with Mr. Big!


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