Boxing Glory

Shown at MSG March 14, 2019

NYPD Boxing puts on quarterly “Smokers” with Lieutenant Dave Siev from Smoker Talk. Each event has 4000-6000 people attend the event, and the money goes towards a nonprofit called Cops and Kids, which provides tutoring, mentorship, and access to social services to at risk youth in the NYC area. It creates a connection between cops and kids, and the youth are positively engaged with the police in their area. They're super awesome! Check out this recent video with Conor McGregor!

The March show was the first large show of the 2019 season, the second will take place in June at the Barclay’s center. The Hunger World is excited to create this with the police officers and models create, participate, collaborate on this wonder-full experience and show with you all.

In fact, Elisa sees the entire fashion presentation of this 15 pieces couture collection as a celebration of all of our efforts to do better in life; for ourselves and others.

She has entitled it: "Boxing Glory".

"Boxing Glory" sees and utilizes the ring as a metaphor for Life, (we get knocked down, we get back up, we end and begin with a handshake).

"Boxing Glory" is a fashion show experience & haute couture collection inspired by the efforts and vibrancy of the NYPD Boxing-Smokers Talk-Cops Boxing with Kids, streetwear of the late 80s an early 1990's, boxing wear for women, now and then, and perhaps some ringside glam.

These looks will later be sold as part of the Hunger World’s Spring 2019 lineup; where we are emphasizing everyday wear but a very high-end kind of concept line of one-of-a-kinds.