Kundalini Serpent of Change Set: 3pcs

1.) Tea-Stained Separate Sleeves
2.) Serpent-print long tongue halter top
3.) Black Lotus Inner Seam Pants
Elisa: “Great Story. Early in my career, my at that time very good friend Lisa Von Weisse was styling Cher, and asked if I could give her one of my bundles from the Hunger World in addition to everything else she had pulled for this particular shoot. Half way through the shoot, I received a call that Cher only wanted to wear and see more Hunger World pieces, so I and my little daughter showed up with another bundle of clothes. I gave Cher several presents of tops and a dress. And for the entire photo shoot, she was in everything Hunger World. She loved the photos and herself in the clothes so much, she bought the photos from the photographer.
The photos from this shoot she ended up buying and using for her press and her book. Perhaps even more, but that’s all I know about."
This is imbibed with cinnamon and patchouli and eucalyptus.

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