Lotus Gown

The Gown has a hand-molded clay hem with clay-smeared enhancements.
Naomi Campbell wearing The Hunger World was featured on the cover of I.D. Magazine. I.D. was a magazine covering the art, business, and culture of design.
David LaChapelle's photo of this image was exhibited in the Barbican in London. The print was about six feet high. Amazing.
In 1999, it was exhibited in D’Amelio Terras Gallery in NYC as part of the “Overflow” curated exhibit in The Hunger World Fashion Performance, “Birth of the Lotus.” There were 12 performers with Tara Subkoff emerging from the center of the Lotus, reborn.
The Lotus Gowns are imbibed with cucumber oil.
Can be purchased with or without clay edge molding and enhancements.

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